Friday, March 1, 2019

2019 PGA Merchandise Show

January 22-25, 2019
Orlando, Florida
     The crossroads of golf converge each January at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida where the PGA Merchandise Show presents 10 miles of merchandise aisles, equipment testing, training seminars and fashion, travel and fitness pavilions.  Golf's leading trade-only event hosts nearly 1,000 top golf companies and more than 40,000 golf industry professionals and media, giving them first look at new equipment and products, access to improvements in best practices, and an exponentially expanding network through the business of golf.


K-Motion - Human Motions Learning Systems like K-Player and K-Coach conform with
many software platforms, including those developed by TPI - Titleist Performance Institute.
     As technology approaches the stratosphere, the PGA Merchandise Show offers an opportunity to see products in action and speak with reps who can explain applications that may never have occurred to us.


With AR Glasses from vGolf, reality mixes with virtual golf.

Full Swing is redefining the future of putting practice with Virtual Green
setting the topography and Puttview projection calculating the line. 

One of our favorite new exhibitors in 2018, 
AfterShokx open ear headphones are now incorporated into stylish, 
blue-tooth-ready sunglasses, leaving the wearer visually protected,
entertained and still situationally aware.

LaserWorks brings recording
and playback to their
rangefinder modes.

Precision Pro Range Finders - All the features at competitive prices.

     Products that support clubhouse management systems also offer extensive course marketing tools and there seems to be no end to the products that can be customized.

PTE Golf - Professional Tournament Enhancements - Bringing detail and excellence to your properties and events.
ForeTees - Modern course marketing and management tools, simplified.
Gallus Golf talks with the Garden Variety Golfer about the seemingly limitless future of AI in course marketing software.
Their dynamic and direct interface platforms keep players and members engaged and coming back for more.
Evolve Golf merges high-tech customizing with hand-forged metal tools, personalized tee packs and quality woven 
products all created with the customer and the environment at the forefront of their business model.

incredibly soft Merino wool with supportive high
tech fibers for a product your feet will thank you for!

With custom canopies and new Endeavor frame designs, 
 banners and flagging, EZ Up covers your
event needs.


Custom X products - making your course,
tournament or business memorable.

     As we transition to a digital age, there also seems to be a growing appreciation for hand-crafted feel, personalization and custom-fitting.

Master Wedge Maker Bob Vokey says if he could have only one,
it would be the 56.  We say all his Titleist SM7 wedges are beautiful.
Classic Gifts and Awards of Pinehurst, North Carolina
know a thing or two about distinctive tournament awards
and gifts.  Their hand-embroidered crests and framed artworks
are incredible memories of distinctive golf courses and events.

ERG brings metallurgic skills into play with components
for every club and swing type.
Foresight Sports GC Quad Launch Monitors and
12 years of collected data to fit a wide range of
swing types, assuring that the e-12 series has a
ball to fit you.

Lynx Golf is pulling their newest cat out of the bag.
The Prowler VT Driver with SwitchFace Technology allows
a player to adjust loft and face angle to accommodate for anything
from course style to weather conditions and even changes in swing.

After nearly a century of experience in the world of sports,
you can trust that time spent talking with reps at Wilson-Staff
is well worth it.

     Products made from natural components could make your life easier and are finding changing attitudes and acceptance over harsher chemical and medical options.

Para'Kito - Insect-repelling bands and pendants
that look good while protecting you out in the wilds.
No DEET, made with essential oils.  


SCNS Sports Foods - Wholesome goodness with
sport-specific nutrition baked in every bite.

Medterra CBD, made in the
USA, is Non-GMO, Zero THC,
and is finding acceptance with people
looking for alternatives to traditional
wellness medications.

     Travel, Adaptive Golf, Performance Textiles and Fitness all have pavilions within the show.  This year also paired with a showcase of Raquet and Paddle Sports, natural fits to resort and club activities.  Also introduced were Innovative Sport Startups within its New Products Zone.  Hosted by Chippo Golf, one of our favorite new products at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show, the New Products Zone gets much attention through the week, gaining notice for inventors from large and small manufacturers alike.

The Adaptive Golf Center at the PGA Merchandise Show
brings together products and associations that focus on making golf
inclusive for players with cognitive or mobility challenges.

Serge Gauvin, inventor of the 
RecTeeFier, designed his product to accentuate loft and eliminate side spin.

With a Dash Caddie, all your gear is in one place and snaps on the
steering column, be it golf cart, water craft or 4-wheeler!



     A walk through the apparel aisles at the PGA Show offers a preview of new designs for 2019 and reminds us that classics and versatility in golfwear will always be in style.

Zero Restriction, a Summit Golf brand, 
blends comfort, style and innovative design,
including lock-dot closure technology.
Brad Faxon sporting Zero Restriction.

Greyson Clothiers showed off their beautiful 2019 cashmere blends and 
gave us an early look at their Den Of Thieves polo line.  Greyson finds intriguing
ways to integrate their iconic wolf logo into the design.

Shanghai J & L Fashion Hat Co. - Incorporating natural fibers
into stylish hats that are washable, foldable, packable and still
 return to their classic shapes.


Extend the life and look of that favorite cap with replaceable liners
from No Sweat.
Katherine Way presents classic styling in exclusive pattern and
color selections that are easy-care, 50+ sunscreen rated and 100% made in the USA.
Tee2Sea - Fun, fresh and eco-friendly with fabrics made of
16% spandex and 84% PETE - polyester from recycled beverage bottles! 

     The uniqueness of golf is evident here at the PGA Merchandise Show.  It's rare when a sport played by individuals receives so much thought, design, engineering and artistry.  Such is its power, this game of golf.

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