Monday, October 16, 2017

Keep Comfortable And Keep Your Focus

     Hot, humid Florida summers can add more than a few strokes to a Garden Variety Golfer's game but we have recently tried out some gear that is helping us keep our focus and may help you, too.

Lamkin's new Flat Cat Solution grip is designed to align the hands with the putter face and instantly brought us back to better posture.  Its flat shape takes away some of the tendency for the guiding hand to over steer.  A patented balance weight feels like it increases the MOI.  The oversized cushion of soft polyurethane takes away a lot of hand tension.  And it feels good in rain or shine.
Results: less twisting of the putter head, better tracking on long putts and more go on the ball that gets it to the hole.

Lamkin Flat Cat Solution Grip

     Aging eyes, or any eyes, for that matter, will benefit from protection against the sun's damaging UVA, B and C rays, whatever latitude you play in.  This summer took us from Florida through the Rockies and into the high Southwestern deserts of the United States, and we made sure to take sunglasses along for the trip.  Whether you wear a pair through an entire round or in between shots, eyewear should be part of your golfwear.
Under Armour Octane Eyewear
     The new Game Day Eyewear from Under Armour is comprised of some of the lightest-weight components in sport eyewear.  Zeiss lenses with exceptional impact resistance and visual clarity across the lens are designed specifically for ball sports.  As for comfort, Under Armour's fully adjustable nose pieces and anatomical temple design make these sunglasses a perfect fit for any face.
Under Armour Game Day Lens
Bolle Kicker with Photo V3 Golf Lens
     Bolle continues its tradition of more than 60 years of sleek and innovative eyewear with special attention turned to craftsmanship and detail.  Their Modulator V3 Golf eyewear uses the highest quality patented B-Clear lens.  It has extraordinary impact resistance and clarity, is treated with hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings and is photochromatic - adjusting for changes in shadow and light.
Bolle Tempest NXT with Photo V3 Oleo Golf Lens
Results:  new coatings resist rain, smudges and fog; frames are strong but light-weight and detail is being given to temple grips and nose pads so slippage during extreme weather is minimized; lens colors help players of all ability to notice contrast and subtleties.

Lacoste Pique L.12.12 Boxer Brief
     And as fabrics blend new levels of chemistry with technology, we'll mention unmentionables here because a comfortable swing begins with comfortable clothing.  Celebrating a new association with The President's Cup by providing the wardrobes for both the US and International Teams, Lacoste showcases its full complement of design on the golf course.  The iconic crocodile appears on their traditional polos as well as classically tailored jackets, sweaters, chinos and bermudas.  But at the very core of a man's wardrobe are those undergarments that can make all the difference.  Lacoste's L.12.12 Pique Boxer Brief blends Pima cotton with Modal fibers for a smooth, soft fabric that is absorbent, breathes and is cool to the touch.  A seamless waistband completes the smooth look.
Results:  cool, classic and comfortable.