Sunday, January 11, 2015

Yoo Hoo!

They're playing that tune again!  Yoo Hoo - Here comes Feherty Live!

Pre-Show Happy Hour at Feherty Live - Universal Studios Orlando
     Perseverence paid off for us on January 21st, 2014 - Tickets to the January 2014 shows in Orlando were available if a person followed the treasure map that only David Feherty would devise and we were rewarded with a fabulous night of pre-show Happy Hour Mixing in Universal Studios Soundstage 20 followed by a hugely humorous, sometimes touching, show featuring Lee Trevino, Coach Lou Holtz, Graeme McDowell and of course the effervescent host himself, David Feherty, Live (almost) because yes indeed there is a five second delay AND a very busy man, the censor with the cut button!
     It was such a great evening, so much fun, that the least we could do was contribute to
Feherty's Troops First Foundation, garnering us a Frank T-shirt to hang among our trophies!
     The 2015 shows will be airing January 28 and 29 from Phoenix, 10 pm EST on the Golf Channel. If you plan to be anywhere close, check out and maybe you, too, can find some clues to Yoo-Hoo - Feherty Live - from Phoenix!