Friday, May 31, 2013

Caladiums are Starting to Pop


     A few Julys ago we hosted the Phyper Family who were in town for the Daytona Firecracker 400.
The Phypers are the owners of Happiness Farms, Inc. in Lake Placid, Florida, the largest grower of
Caladium bulbs in the world.  With near-tropical conditions and great "mucky" soil, this area near Sebring
is perfect for cultivating these bulbs that have captivated gardeners for generations. 
     Caladiums are a lush tropical leaf with astounding color varieties and since they are summer and fall
"bloomers" they will thrive in almost any zone with watering.  We've naturalized many down through
an old irrigation ravine in our fernery.  They begin to unfurl around Memorial Day and keep surprising us
all through the summer.

     If you find yourself in SW Florida some late August, cool off in friendly Lake Placid at the Caladium Festival  - Florida's version of the Keukenhof Gardens Tulip Festival where the growers display their blooming bulbs.